DEL-RIO PEBBLES are available in five different sizes from 1/4 inch to 6 inches. Smaller DEL-RIO PEBBLES is used for pool decks, aquariums, desert scaping, and as exposed aggregate in buildings, walkways, stepping stones, and planters. Larger stones are perfect for septic systems and municipal water filtering projects.

Beach Volleyball Sand

A fine sand with all coarseness removed. This is perfect for beach volleyball courts, recreating a beach landscape or making a child’s play sandbox.

Washed Arena Sand

This washed sand is great for horse arenas, turnouts, and corrals. Most fines are removed to help prevent dust and the material’s consistency is medium coarseness. The material characteristics retains moisture yet allows drainage. Other uses include dog runs and chicken coups.

Washed Plaster Sand is a common construction material that has numerous uses, mainly used for making mortar or stucco mix. Our washed plaster is also used to set pavers.

Washed Concrete Sand

A coarse sand that is most used for mixing in concrete. Other uses include shotcrete and gunite applications.

We also sell many standard construction materials including dry plaster and fill sand. Please get in touch with us for a full list of products we offer.